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Making your own conditional events calendar

Once you get into the details of the WordPress query, you come into a powerful dimension of possibilities which closely related to how Beaver Builder uses the ‘main query’ or the ‘custom query’ in the posts module.However you do need to learn a bit to get things done to set a filter to display a…

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Beaver Themer, CPT, ACF and WPE make the difference

Im a so excited to be in the playing field of Beaver Themer, Custom Post Types, Advanced Custom Fields Pro and being part of WP Elevation. I am sure that this unique combination will make the difference for me to differentiate me in the market and step away form ‘just’ the basic pages/posts websites.

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Exciting times with Beaver Themer

Well, first of all I have to make my apologies here, for being ‘away’ so long. As I mentioned in my video interview with David Waumsley, I was spending to many business hours in research & development.

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Interview with David Waumsley

David Waumsley was so kind to ask me in his ‘Beaver Builder Televison Channel’ last week. Without any doubt we started a couple of times with some technical problems, but David managed to get it all done. Thanks a lot for compiling this interview in such a nice way.

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