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using the Beaver Builder pagebuilder with various tools to build real database driven business applications which go far beyond 'just' pages and posts.

Where to do what: thoughts on WordPress, Gutenberg and pagebuilders

There was a time that websites had a few pages and mainly attracted people by the blogposts a website owner/author offered. Those days passed away. Short term news moved away to social media. Websites are either just a ‘hello, here I am sign’, or they are very dedicated in handling business processes. Where does WordPress go? And where does that leave us?

Playing with ACF, Pods, Toolbox, Timber and UIkit – getting stuff together

As things are getting more mature around (relational) database publishing within WordPress, various developers approach things differently to get things done. We are just starting to play with a couple of interesting tools, which might be useful for you. With ACF or Pods and some additional tools. The number of possible combinations are growing.

The complexity of using conditionals

Well, it has been a while since we posted here our ‘dreams throught the Beaver Builder landscape’. We have our daily work as publisher and in the mean time, working on nice customer projects. In today’s post however we would like to ask some attention for the various aspects around conditionals. Ready to read some stuff?

Website ‘strip down’ by David Waumsley

It was fun again talking with David to ‘strip down’ one of my Beaver Themer and Pods based websites. Although the talk took nearly an hour, we could not cover all aspects of the used ‘tricks’ in building this site for an event organizer in The Netherlands.

Improving UI/UX of Pods back-end

People love the back-end UI/UX of the Advanced Custom Fields plug-in. All fields can be positioned and CSS assigned individually. Pods is in its base foundation a bit straight forward. But a little improvements can be achieved bij the use of the action hook ‘pods_group_add’.

Conditional placement of ‘things’ based on field content

In the Beaver Builder Knowledge base there is a little but powerful routine which makes it possible to show or hide a row or a module based on the content of a field connector. That is the base of the power of conditional database publishing within WordPress. Website strip-down of orange-exhibition management.

The end of ‘wow, wow, wow’ in the ‘Beaver Building’ playing field?

It has been a great year of excitements in all aspects of the ‘Beaver Building’ playing field. For sure the arrival of Beaver Builder 2.0 will end this year of great new stuff, speed and features. Combined with Beaver Themer, nobody could ask for more. Right?

WordPress finally becomes a real relational database publishing platform

Custom Post Types and Custom Fields finally come alive in true relational database publishing without the need to do PHP programming. In the various Beaver Builder Facebook groups there is a lot of excitement around this development. Why did it take so long for WordPress to break through in this area?

Beyond the 2 tables Pods example with Beaver Themer

Our first little 2 CPT’s example with books/authors showed the power of the custom post types/field Pods plugin togther with the Pods Beaver Themer add-on. To go beyond just two tables, there are many more challenges to create the good datamodel before you start.