The end of ‘wow, wow, wow’ in the ‘Beaver Building’ playing field?

It has been a great year of excitements in all aspects of the ‘Beaver Building’ playing field. For sure the arrival of Beaver Builder 2.0 will end this year of great new stuff, speed and features. Combined with Beaver Themer, nobody could ask for more. Right?

WordPress finally becomes a real relational database publishing platform

Custom Post Types and Custom Fields finally come alive in true relational database publishing without the need to do PHP programming. In the various Beaver Builder Facebook groups there is a lot of excitement around this development. Why did it take so long for WordPress to break through in this area?

Beyond the 2 tables Pods example with Beaver Themer

Our first little 2 CPT’s example with books/authors showed the power of the custom post types/field Pods plugin togther with the Pods Beaver Themer add-on. To go beyond just two tables, there are many more challenges to create the good datamodel before you start.

Finally freedom in WooCommerce product archive and product single page templates

Everybody knows the struggles of the influence ‘huge’ plugins have on the way they display data within your theme. WooCommerce, BuddyPress and the Event Managers are just three examples which can be hard to get control on with the creative process in a theme.

Opinion(s): ‘The possible future of WordPress’

This week we experienced the WordCamp Europe 2017 event and the official announcement of the new WordPress Gutenberg editor. All of that ‘stuff together’ brought me to some ‘thinking of the future’. And the words not said at WCEU.

Pods integration with Themer: part two

We could not imagine the powerful influence Pods would have on the relational aspects of displaying mixed content on custom post types based pages. In our first analyses we just touched the surface. We will continue to explore and share. Part two.

Advanced Custom Fields versus Pods in combination with Beaver Themer

Without explaining all in-depth details of both plug-ins, there are some major differences in combination with Beaver Themer. Hopefully this blogpost helps in deciding which way you would like to go.

What do you need to know about the Beaver Builder productline?

With about 6700 members in the Beaver Builder Facebook group, you for sure could hypothesize that ‘we’ have an enormous variety of skill levels. I drawed a little BB productline overview with the main functions of the BB plugin, the BB theme and the latest product Beaver Themer.

Database publishing with WordPress: create, edit, view records and fields

If you have ever been involved in databases, records, fields and relations are the most common words. In WordPress terms like records and fields are not that common, but the concept op custom post types and custom fields are the base of database publishing in WordPress.