Database publishing

Database publishing has a long history in many markets, developments and applications. WordPress is in fact a database publishing tool. Started 15 years ago with the datatypes posts and pages. In many WordPress applications this is still the main use of the tool.

Beyond pages and posts

WordPress already had a limited approach for creating custom fields and since version 3.0 custom post types could be created to get other 'things done' than just posts and pages. First plugin developers started to use them, like event calendars, webshops, real estate agencies and many more. Today custom post types and custom fields are not 'restricted' anaymore to 'hardcore' PHP developers. Also (technical skilled) webdesigners or wedevelopers might use custom post types and custom fields to build custom made solutions.

Beaver Themer

Displaying custom post types and custom fields  in both archive and single post templates required special PHP knowledge within the WordPress template hierarchy to display the content of the database records. With the arrival of Beaver Themer that started to change. The ability to create templates in a more interactive 'drag&drop' workflow, made it possible to let designers create templates for the first time without touching PHP.

There are already various connection with CPT/CF tools with Beaver Builder and/or Themer:

  • Advanced Custom Fields (native in Themer)
  • Toolbox for Beaver Builder (connects ACF to Beaver Builder without the need of Beaver Themer)
  • Pods Beaver Themer Add-On
  • Meta Box Beaver Themer Integrator

Where to go from here?

Besides Themer there are a number of CPT and CF tools, we would like to cover, analyse and discuss here. We created a small overview about 'what is going on' in this playing field.


Facebook group

We created a 'small' group called CPT/Fields & Themer. More than 750 members are involved in the use of various tools around Beaver Builder, with the goal to share knowledge of database publishing aspects within the base of WordPress.