Working with repeating fields in Beaver Themer

Repeating fields are part of the Advanced Custom Fields Pro package but represent a very powerful fieldtype, used a lot in lists of repeating products or services. Beaver Themer doe not have yet native support for the ACF Pro fieldtypes, so a little workaround might help for the time being.

Exciting times with Beaver Themer

Well, first of all I have to make my apologies here, for being ‘away’ so long. As I mentioned in my video interview with David Waumsley, I was spending to many business hours in research & development.

The ‘anathomy’ of a home- or landingpage

With the initial development of WordPress as a blogging platform, the ‘anathomy’ of the homepage was structured around a list of blogposts. With the changing application needs from users, the structure of a home- or landingpage can have many more variations.

First hands-on preview BB ACF Beaver

Didou Schol developed a light weight plugin for positioning custom fields on archive and single post pages using the Templates tool within Beaver Builder. Do we need anything else?

How to streamline your WordPress webdevelopment process

Now that we all pay so much attention to the do’s and don’t’s within the Beaver Builder platform, some see to forget that WordPress webdevelopment is more than just making nice page. Brenda Malone started this interesting discussion on the Beaver Builder Facebook group. Some of our opinions and suggestions the get things done more streamlined.

Interview with David Waumsley

David Waumsley was so kind to ask me in his ‘Beaver Builder Televison Channel’ last week. Without any doubt we started a couple of times with some technical problems, but David managed to get it all done. Thanks a lot for compiling this interview in such a nice way.

First impressions of Beaver Extender

For years we have been working with the Genesis/Dynamik combination. Genesis is still one of the best hook based foundations on which space/speed effective childthemes can be developed. Dynamik is in its basic idea a childtheme, but it acts like a WordPress theme development tool. Cobaltapps saw the Beaver Builder market growing and developed Beaver Extender. Our first impressions.

Does Beaver Builder Theme need CobaltApps Extender?

Eric Hamm from CobaltApps, the developer of the Dynamik Website Builder as a childtheme of Genesis asked if the Extender plugin could be useful for Beaver Builder theme. Our thoughts.

Is Divi 3 real competition for Beaver Builder – part two

Following up on part one, first thanks for all comments on the Beaver Builder facebook group. We continue rebuilding Bridge to Divi version 3 and we will add some other more technical aspects of Divi and will conclude with our final judgement for as far as possible.