Interview with David Waumsley

David Waumsley was so kind to ask me in his ‘Beaver Builder Televison Channel’ last week. Without any doubt we started a couple of times with some technical problems, but David managed to get it all done. Thanks a lot for compiling this interview in such a nice way.

First impressions of Beaver Extender

For years we have been working with the Genesis/Dynamik combination. Genesis is still one of the best hook based foundations on which space/speed effective childthemes can be developed. Dynamik is in its basic idea a childtheme, but it acts like a WordPress theme development tool. Cobaltapps saw the Beaver Builder market growing and developed Beaver Extender. Our first impressions.

Does Beaver Builder Theme need CobaltApps Extender?

Eric Hamm from CobaltApps, the developer of the Dynamik Website Builder as a childtheme of Genesis asked if the Extender plugin could be useful for Beaver Builder theme. Our thoughts.

Is Divi 3 real competition for Beaver Builder – part two

Following up on part one, first thanks for all comments on the Beaver Builder facebook group. We continue rebuilding Bridge to Divi version 3 and we will add some other more technical aspects of Divi and will conclude with our final judgement for as far as possible.

Is Divi 3 real competition for Beaver Builder – part one

Last week I watched the video from Adam Preiser from He compared about four pagebuilders. Among them Divi version 3 and Beaver Builder. I took the challenge to do some digging in Divi.

The future of Beaver Builder plugin and its add-ons: clients perspective

The Beaver Builder plugin is a great pagebuilder with enough modules and templates to make appealing pages. Beaver Builder gained market share because of its clean code, its friendly user-interface and its non-destroying content after de-activating the plugin. Our analyses on current 3rd party add-on developers.

Using a shortcode in a template together with Beaver Tunnels to display the post title

The post you are looking at the moment has its title shown in a template row, conditionally placed on single post pages only, using Beaver Tunnels. How did we accomplish this?

Will pagebuilders put an end to high-end themes?

On the various WordPress facebook groups, lots of groupmembers ask the community what theme will fit best in combination with the use of the BeaverBuilder pagebuilder plugin.

Custom Post Types and Custom Fields within Beaver Builder

CPT and CF have been in WordPress already for a long time. It gives WP developers the power to turn WordPress into a full Content Management System. Not all aspects were that easy as just creating posts and pages. That will change.