Is Divi 3 real competition for Beaver Builder – part one

Last week I watched the video from Adam Preiser from He compared about four pagebuilders. Among them Divi version 3 and Beaver Builder. I took the challenge to do some digging in Divi.

The future of Beaver Builder plugin and its add-ons: clients perspective

The Beaver Builder plugin is a great pagebuilder with enough modules and templates to make appealing pages. Beaver Builder gained market share because of its clean code, its friendly user-interface and its non-destroying content after de-activating the plugin. Our analyses on current 3rd party add-on developers.

Using a shortcode in a template together with Beaver Tunnels to display the post title

The post you are looking at the moment has its title shown in a template row, conditionally placed on single post pages only, using Beaver Tunnels. How did we accomplish this?

Will pagebuilders put an end to high-end themes?

On the various WordPress facebook groups, lots of groupmembers ask the community what theme will fit best in combination with the use of the BeaverBuilder pagebuilder plugin.

Custom Post Types and Custom Fields within Beaver Builder

CPT and CF have been in WordPress already for a long time. It gives WP developers the power to turn WordPress into a full Content Management System. Not all aspects were that easy as just creating posts and pages. That will change.

The perspective of the unknown user

Pagebuilders brought us new creative possibilities to create pages in any way our customers would like us to do. For developers and designers pagebuilders are great tools. But what is happening to the unknown user?

Print- versus webdesign – lessons learned

The web is so much ‘faster’ than print and on-line marketeers ‘laugh out loud’ if someone talks about print. But on-line seemed not to be that fast than print in following the latest trends in design tools.

How did we make

One of our first own projects using Beaver Builder for an on-line publishing platform around paper, inks and toner within the printing industry, was a smooth roadmap. How did we do it?

Your first steps in Beaver Builder and how to stay tuned

In the past few months the Beaver Builder community experienced an overwhelming amount of tools, tutorials and developments. Even trying to streamline it a bit is nearly impossible, because of the increasing amount of developers each wit their own ideas and roadmaps.