Pods integration with Themer: part two

We could not imagine the powerful influence Pods would have on the relational aspects of displaying mixed content on custom post types based pages. In our first analyses we just touched the surface. We will continue to explore and share. Part two.

Advanced Custom Fields versus Pods in combination with Beaver Themer

Without explaining all in-depth details of both plug-ins, there are some major differences in combination with Beaver Themer. Hopefully this blogpost helps in deciding which way you would like to go.

What do you need to know about the Beaver Builder productline?

With about 6700 members in the Beaver Builder Facebook group, you for sure could hypothesize that ‘we’ have an enormous variety of skill levels. I drawed a little BB productline overview with the main functions of the BB plugin, the BB theme and the latest product Beaver Themer.

Database publishing with WordPress: create, edit, view records and fields

If you have ever been involved in databases, records, fields and relations are the most common words. In WordPress terms like records and fields are not that common, but the concept op custom post types and custom fields are the base of database publishing in WordPress.

Making a simple to use ‘events manager’

There are many ‘heavy weight’ plugins available to create and display events on a page. Most of them come with lots of functions, like booking forms, capacity planning and more. Making just an event agenda could be done with Advanced Custom Fields Pro and Beaver Themer.

Sharing my WP Elevation Blueprint course experiences

Today I finished my WP Elevation Blueprint course and Davinder Singh Kainth asked me if I wanted to share some of my experiences. I am glad to be able to and hope it is of any value for you all.

Beaver Themer and Search & Filter Pro makes WordPress an even more powerful CMS

For years many WordPress specialists position WordPress as a true content management system. And for sure that is the case. To extend the row of showcases, we decided to use Beaver Themer and Search & Filter Pro in our latest customer case.

Beaver Themer, CPT, ACF and WPE make the difference

Im a so excited to be in the playing field of Beaver Themer, Custom Post Types, Advanced Custom Fields Pro and being part of WP Elevation. I am sure that this unique combination will make the difference for me to differentiate me in the market and step away form ‘just’ the basic pages/posts websites.

Working with repeating fields in Beaver Themer

Repeating fields are part of the Advanced Custom Fields Pro package but represent a very powerful fieldtype, used a lot in lists of repeating products or services. Beaver Themer doe not have yet native support for the ACF Pro fieldtypes, so a little workaround might help for the time being.